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Basically my crafting bucket list, maybe I'll get around to making these, maybe I won't. Things I want to make, things to improve the house, & things to enjoy (and share with others!)

Also, please note that I do not take credit, or claim that any of these are my own, unless otherwise stated. I try to always include the correct content source, as many of these crafts have tutorials & I want to give credit to the talented creators. Feel free to ask for a tutorial if there is not a click through link.

Bottle Cap Projects…

anyone got any ideas? I have a bazillion and a half bottle caps I’ve been saving for years now (I was thinking of covering the top a beer pong table, but that was at the beginning of my college career, now that seems kinda..eeehhhh…do I really want or need a table like that in my house?). So something crafty & unique…hmmmm

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